We are a creative branding agency based out of New-York and Montreal. We design brands, build campaigns and execute digital projects of all-sizes.
By combining founders with both strategic marketing and arts expertise, we are able to execute visually appealing yet numerically grounded campaigns. Just as one’s brain is divided into areas of proficiency; Mind Area operates under an artistic creative direction that makes strategically focused decisions.

We’re at our best in the following area:

  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • UI / UX Design
  • Personalized CMS & website
  • Ecommerce

Does your visual identity tell a story around your business? Is your audience perceiving you in the appropriate manner? Our creation team develops visual identities & brand guidelines to maintain a coherent voice across all communication channels.
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Having the right digital strategy is key to success. Whether it’s reaching new clients, engaging existing ones or interacting with potential opinion leaders, our marketing team specializes in crafting all-around digital marketing strategies.
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As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, user quality experience has become critical. Through consumer journey mapping, interface creation and cross platform compatibility, a simple yet effective user experience is crafted.
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A new-aged gold rush. With the increased amount of gurus, platforms, solutions, your e-commerce partner should act as a guide. Simply put, we provide you the best tools available allowing you to sell your products.
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Out-of- the-box software can fit certain although might not take into account the realities of every business. Having a web presence fit your image and the supporting infrastructure are key to achieving efficiency and effectiveness.
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360° PHOTO
We approach each product from both visual and sensory aspects to create a 360° immersive experience for your customers.
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Our e-commerce team assists with understanding the various journeys consumers must take prior to purchasing. Our marketing team assists with a mixture of strategic planning, online marketing and website optimization to insure an efficient path to your cart.

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